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Providing Everything You Need

Stand Up Meeting

SmartSheet QuickStart

Duration: 8 to 40 hours

Objective: Equip businesses with a foundational understanding of Infinite IA's tools tailored to your industry, enabling you to kick-start your project management journey with confidence.

Accelerator Template Implementation

Duration: 40 to 80 hours

Objective: Deep dive into Infinite IA's Accelerator Templates, empowering businesses to tailor and implement these tools for optimal project management outcomes, aligned precisely with your industry-specific challenges and goals.

Website creation
Creative Working

Automation Solution Implementation

Duration: 80+ hours 

Objective: Equip businesses with an exhaustive understanding of Infinite IA's full suite of project management tools, ensuring you can harness the entire solution spectrum to realize maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and strategic alignment.

Solution Adoption Training

Duration: 1-2 weeks

Objective: Facilitate a smooth transition for businesses adopting Infinite IA’s tools, emphasizing a hands-on, collaborative approach to ensure maximum efficiency and success in your endeavors.

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